slogging, blogging and carrying on…or there’s a book in them thar hills

Yesterday I wrote about Kaizen, and improving things gradually.  Writing is like that.  Good writing is an art form, and hopefully one that as we continue pursuing it, our writing improves. 

Eventually along the way, bloggers pick up technique on how to spiff up their sites.  Lord willing, I will too! 

A syndicated columnist, Dale Dauten, details how he got a book within him–It’s A Wonderful Job”–published.   Here’s his account:

“The result was a manuscript that I merrily sent off to my agent and my publisher, only to learn that they had no interest in it. After all, they told me, there was no money to be made from a book for people who had no money to spend on books. Hold on, I insisted, it wasn’t just for the unemployed, it was for anyone who wanted a new start, or even a new direction. Address the toughest case and all the others become that much simpler.

It didn’t matter, they reasoned – I didn’t have a big enough audience to have a part of it be people who wouldn’t be buying books. Other agents and publishers agreed. So the book manuscript had been sitting around, which seemed a shame since I believe it could be of use to a lot of people.

Then it hit me; I would give it away. So I had it converted to an e-book, and I also recorded it as an audiobook. My son put them on and they are now available to anyone who might benefit from them. No sign-up or registration or anything else needed, just my writer’s plea that if it helps, you tell me about it and maybe buy one of my other books.”

It’s not easy to be a writer, especially professionally.  It can be a very solitary pursuit, with the rewards way off in the distance.  And then there’s writer’s block.  I searched Google and as I typed in the word “writer’s” I watched as writer’s block was served up as the second suggestion on my search, even before I began typing in “block.”  Selecting this option, I was led to the first page of results–showing 110 of about 3,310,000!  So if you feel alone in your writing, or in your fumbling about what to say or type next, know you’re not really alone, but suffering in grand company.  My theory on what to do with writer’s block is just to write anything, and then hone it into shape, much as an artist takes his clay and gradually forms it into a more and more distilled image from his imagination. 

Another thing I like to do when trying to problem solve or find direction, whether in setting life goals or finding out where I stand on a decision (and incidentally it works much better for me than a list of pro’s and con’s) is to do some simple, free-flowing mind-mapping.  Here’s a 60-second sample on writing…

60-second mind map

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