Good habits, a slide show, and more

Looks like I’ve been a little lazy, distracted, or both, and have been neglecting my blog.  Blogging is a good habit to have, like flossing your teeth, because I put here all the little cob-webby thoughts that I want to jot down, share, and retain (hopefully helping others with their professional lives along the way).

Here is an interesting discovery.  For those of you who like me are fascinated by the unusual in a visual way, a slide show of interesting business cards…

Personally, I’m not a big fan of portrait-oriented (vertical)–as opposed to landscape (horizontal)–business cards because I still like to use an old fashioned Roladex and they present a problem for filing. 

Here’s something else that might be of help.  I hugely detest meetings as I find them generally a huge waste of time and an excruciating exercise for me in patience.  My cousin, a project manager for Gateway, usually makes a habit of attending meetings standing up.  I think her presence that way must hurry meetings along for every body.  Below are some notes that I took a while back on how to make these sometimes necessary evils a little more productive.

Effective Meetings:


  1. Prepare & distribute a timed agenda.  Distribute also any handouts well ahead of time to let people digest the information.
  2. Prepare the room ahead of time. 
  3. Start the meeting on time.
  4. Stick to the agenda. Some people use a white board or large pad to act as what’s called a “parking lot” to record other issues/ideas/concerns, to be addressed later.
  5. Assign someone to take minutes.
  6. Ask clear questions & encourage clearly expressed answers.
  7. Control disruptive behavior & encourage positive participation.
  8. End the meeting on time, recapping action items and setting a date for any required follow up meeting or reporting.  Figure out ways to handle items on “parking lot.”
  9. Tidy up room.  Send minutes/recap of follow up items as soon as possible after the meeting,  
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