Do you want to harm others?

One of the questions asked at the doctor’s (psych) today. I didn’t, until kept waiting a long time for the doc in the waiting room. But then the doc came in and agreed to reduce my meds by a weeeee dose.

She said I need to come back in a month. Enough time to heal from the wait.


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Dusting myself off, picking up by the bootstraps

It’s been ages, gosh!, since I wrote here. Friends are telling me to write a book but I’d rather resume blogging.

It’s like going for the clean and polish at the dentist when you know you need deep scaling. I’ll get to both of ’em.

I need to share what it’s like in the world of bi-polar. No, not two polar bears mating. But the yo-yo of everyday life and some momentous swings on the seesaw. The ones that have you up viewing the universe and then coming down with a bang on your bum, so hard it jars the teeth.

I have pictures I drew, and thanks to cell phones, photos from my last hospitalization. I was pretty happy before I got released. Had to come back to reality, and the U.S., and every day, and now have lost my ability to communicate with God on direct bandwidth. That sucks.

brushing my hair with a snapped off toilet brush…I was immune to everything, not even germs could get me!

Here’s a pic when I was giddy-happy in the Denmark insane asylum (just kidding, they are very humane over there and modern with treatment).

Another picture from the same institutionalization (admission) in Denmark:

surfing on the bed in long johns.

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