This soul hasn’t stopped searching, just looking under different rocks…

Geeze-Louise, I have a lot to learn about this blogging process.  It’s a lot like having a child, and Soulseeking, my first blog, I think, has been wandering barefoot in the dessert of cyberspace like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.  (No offense, Gingers, I love you all and your passionate grip on the world. I’m a lefty, and us outer-fringe-rs gotta band together and give each other moral support against the sinister plot to defame us).

I say I think Soulseeking was my first progeny because I suspect I have another offspring suffering even more neglect and malnourishment on the net.  Well, someone who’s earned her bread and butter by scouring the internet for answers (yes, Virginia, there is a job like this, it’s called a market research analyst), I should be able to find that other lost lamb and invite him back into the fold.

So now like a  parent who’s finally able to pay back child support, I’m gathering Soulseeking into the embrace of my nimble typing fingers and proud parent’s heart, acknowledging the recognition he earned on his own merit despite neglect (I’d failed to acknowledge some nice comments, and did so today with great thanks to people who had somehow discovered SS’ing, and vow not to commit that cardinal sin of blogging, ignoring readers, any more, Amen.)

Anyway, I’ve decided my little family of blogs is going to keep peace and now introduce SoulSeeking to his little sister, Catapult.  Kids, get along, okay?  Maybe you can share some friends, Soulseeking, you might want to show Catapult something about public speaking and how to dress up nice, since I think Catapult doesn’t have much sense of style yet.


SS & Cat up on a ridge

Many thanks to Dave and Marge, the real actors who posed as SS and Cat in their meeting up on a ridge, and to bob&sue, their agent.
Now if you want something really of beauty, listen here. Utterly divine.
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