Chill award

I’m not one to brag (much), but someone called me “really chill” today.  A total stranger from the web.  That’s like getting a wolf-whistle for your wit.  Course, now I’m luke-warm for being lame-o and writing about it.

Anyway, my surfing tonight brought delightful discoveries that I have to share with my phantom audience.

LOVE that I discovered the Fictional Cereals page!  A true delight, describing Spumco Sugar Corn Waste, as well lauding Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, the preferred morning munch of my hero Calvin, of he and the Hobbes’ fame.

Breakfast is my all time favorite meal and I grew up on everything from Freakies to Count Chocula and seeing these other bowlful imaginings gladdened my heart, imagination and sweet-tooth. Have to steal a few image from that fabulous site, as well as post some nostalgic images of brands I remember.  I’m surprised I missed Fruity Yummy Mummy, which lurked on the shelves at some point.

Among nutrition’s rogue gallery, some of the concoctions I actually imbibed include…



I’m just glad I never sunk to eating something called Donkey Kong’s Crunchy Barrels of Fun.  Sounds like something you might find mucking out a stall in the deep South. What is alarming is that despite my current-day appreciation for things like Special K or innocuous, sensible fare like Rice Chex, I still think my good buddy Cap’n can’t be beat.  Call it soul food.

Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter

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