Random Thoughts, on blogging and my life

I’m still trying to keep up with the discipline of maintaining my blog.  It’s hard to do in this world with so many distractions (can you say “Facebook”?)!  Thank God I don’t watch TV and have given up Spider solitaire.  And my current obsession of ballroom dancing is at least social and somewhat good exercise.

I’ve struggle with my blog because I had originally intended it as a professional venue focused around marketing, but due to an unquenchable desire to share other things with the unknown universe of the blogosphere and kindred souls in the midst (mist?)–hence the intuitive title soulseeking–and my need to use this space as a therapy or quasi-catharsis for ideas milling around in my head…a virtual compost site, and occasionally a place to share my quirky sense of humor or odd ramble, well you see these combine to makes it pretty suspect for a professional site.

Not everyone understands my sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor, and I just plain enjoy the freedom to write at random.

Maybe I should’ve kept the title “Random Thoughts,” which was an earlier blog that I had ventured upon.

I was trying to find that original collection of ruminations online and instead wandered off on some links.

Up one alley…it’s difficult to keep focus on the web…things just aren’t linear, and neither is my synapse firing.. I discovered SlideShare, a presentations warehousing site that offers a way to find and publicly or privately share Powerpoint-type presentations (also called slidecasts).  You can also make a webinar there.  (When viewing them, click “FULL” to optimize your view of the content).  Laurence Fine has a couple of especially valuable presentations on the site, including Effective Time Management Strategies that I want to visit further when, ahem, I find the time.


Random spiritual thought for my soul:  I am so glad for the spirit of sharing knowledge and help other that is the golden thread spun throughout the Internetapestry threadst fabric.

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