New Horizons

A new year is on the horizon, and it’s a good time to pare down and get rid of the old and allow psychic space to welcome in new opportunities.  I will upload a scan from a great photography book here, a book that I’ve enjoyed leafing through several times, and which I plan to drop off at a Panera Bread’s book share table or Goodwill truck.  I thought it a fitting image to accompany some wise words from Stephen Pollan, that I found in a a clipping about a book of this called Second Acts.  Pollan says one is never too young or too old to change.

Here four good nuggets to spur us forward to achieve those dreams that may need some dusting off and some timelines attached:

  1. PUT YOUR DREAM INTO WORDS. Use specific language.
  2. CAST LOTS OF IRONS IN THE FIRE.  Don’t get stymied by shortcomings or past disappointments.  Fuel your hope for the future.
  3. EXAMINE BARRIERS YOU FACE.  Are obstacles internal? Be honest and confront internal stumbling blocks (self-generated doubts, irrational fears, internalized attitudes of others that may not be helpful) Or are they external, and can you enlist help?
  4. CONFRONT YOUR HURDLES.  Rank them by difficulty, and tackle the most difficult first.
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