Avoiding cobwebs in the mind, like spider solitaire

There’s nothing like a good, ole’ fashioned to-do list to get me stoked to get things done.  That and

combined with the necessity of stripping off of my computer some time-sucking applications, like its preloaded games.  I finally had to remove spider solitaire as it was interfering with my sleep cycles!  I also have been trying to free my inbox from newsletters and email subscriptions that are not that productive for me any more.  Sort of like Feng Shui for my email inbox.  Too bad I have this insatiable curiosity!  I just found another one as I was looking through time management resources.  I will see if it’s worthwhile.

I really need to focus my “free” time on stepping up my language study. I’m planning a trip to Europe in late December and I think my facility with Spanish will finally let me spin off to somewhat intelligible Italian.

It appears others are equally obsessed with the game (see Keith Devens’ detailed account of his game) and their personal winning percentages, with I did realize is affected by the level of the game setting…my computer came with 3 levels and the default was the intermediate difficulty level, which my games before I pulled the plug on the insanity left me hovering around 13% wins.

Part of my resolve to yank off the application was my horror of gambling as a vice.  I recently went to a local casino (in Florida we have a couple of pockets of legal gaming due to Miccosukee Indian reservations).  I lost 14 cents.  I guess I don’t qualify as having a gambling problem.  I like my money too much to let go of it.

But time is money, right? Yes, a good trade off–forfeit the dubious enjoyment of mind-numbing computer games that carry probably millions of combinations (one online source touted “zillions” of games–is that a real term?) for the real payoff of communicating in real time with real people in a very limited opportunity of foreign travel.  Okay, that’s good prioritizing.

That’s one thing I should do when constructing my “to-do” lists…a little prioritizing, though I finally simply having a new list each day guarantees for me a certain higher level of productivity.  (Some say having a “Not to do” list may help too!  So I’m trying out something called Ta-da List.   Brian Benzinger has a whole slew of other applications summarized on his informative site which reviews webproducts, called Solution Watch.   I got a little curious when I saw the trail of Brian’s writings there ended around the 3rd quarter of 2007, so Google led me to find out that Brian started up something called Parallel and was last seen on Twitter.  Hhhmmnn…the new “crack”-type addiction for bloggers.  He has re-emerged to my knowledge yet, but he’s a bright young guy, so I hope all’s well.

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  2. Oh, you brave girl! I really need to remove spider solitaire from my computer, but I haven’t got the guts. Is there a 12-step program for spider solitaire addiction?

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