Mr. Right and the cheering, rooting section

While quietly clickety-clacking away on my laptop in a local library this past week (my alternate office, beside the Panera Bread cafes), I was joined at my table by a nice gentleman who asked to share the space.  We started talking a bit, between my working on a flyer design for a dance studio I frequent, checking Facebook messages, etc.  Earlier in my visit I had browsed the library shelves, picking out choice selections from the new and mustier holdings, including a smattering of Italian language self-study books and European travel guidebooks.  After paying a whopping fine that had been nagging on my conscious for previous overdue videos, I’d checked out my picks of these selections, and also a book called,

Why Mr. Right can’t find you : the surprising answers that will change your life– and his,

by J.M. Kearns, which I’d recommend to anyone with a toe in the dating pool. It basically advises how to rethink one’s parameters and be open to all venues to meet people.  For women, it has great descriptions of the thought process men go through in screening a potential Miss Right.  And for men, it has some eye-opening explanations of some really stupid myths women cling to subconsciously that limit their peripheral vision.

So, happily, I ended up getting together with this new found friend from the library later, at a coffee shop, which led to a nice boating expedition, and while I don’t think he’s Mr. Right, it was nice to make a new friend.  And friends are the sustaining nectar that feeds the lonely hearts during their search for love, hopefully distracting them from the wistful moments that inevitably surface from time to time when one flies solo.  They are our cheering section, that we celebrate birthdays with, who listen to our tails of the maybe’s were exploring, who counsel or just nod sagely as we describe the frustrations of dealing with relatives we’d at times like to disown, or know when to call at just the right moment.  I’m glad to have quite of few of these buoyant souls, who encourage me in whatever hair-brained or perhaps brilliant new plot I want to hatch.  Like occasionally, my blog entries.  : )

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    • Hi, thanks for writing…I didn’t know anyone read my blog, and just now saw this. Thanks for dropping by!

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