Avoiding the Panera Paunch

I’ve become a huge fan recently of a place called Panera Bread.  Actually, it’s not one place, but a chain of coffee shops that stepped to fill the void vacated by the greedy swarming monster named Starbucks, in offer in the latter’s stead the free wi-fi that so many students, entrepreneurs and otherwise disenfranchised souls depend upon to be linked in, hooked up, and online.  You can find a Panera or other free wi-fi spot (local public libraries are pretty good but of course, it’s shhh to cell phone use there) on several websites like ilovefreewifi.com

UPDATE –SEPT. 25, 2008—PANERA BREAD has recently blocked attempts to access

I try to keep the “latte factor” low on my visits to my new “office,” for reasons of both physical and fiscal health.  Like today, an E.T. bagel (no, not the extraterrial kind, but the savory “everything” bagel) was the lessor evil of choice, lightly toasted by the cheerful counter girl, and enjoyed with a wee bit of real butter.  One of the things I like about this one particular outlet is that it’s blessedly less than a mile from home, and has a parking garage with thus-far free parking, as the building boom in this area has over-estimated for the moment the retail and business visitor traffic to the area across from a major retail shopping maul, er, mall.

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  1. Ats my girl!!!! Back in the groove!!!! Have you printed business cards for your new office?

    Big HUG and Love, Randy

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