Zen vs. Desk Rage

Hindsight is so crystal clear sometimes.  I found a new term…“desk rage” which, according to Monster.com, is on the rise.  Like the article suggested, I decided to count to 10 and walk away.  In my case, the 10 is 10 weeks, or perhaps 10 months.  I really need a sabbatical from the foot-wearing, mind-numbing rat race.  I’m not really cut out for corporate America I suppose.   A long-time friend in Europe recently wrote me that I am “un-American” in my language usage.  I think he means a bit more colorful with my turn of phrase; and in the corporate world I’m often a square peg in the proverbial round hole, and rather than follow the lead of Cinderella’s stepsisters, I’d rather not cut off a toe to fit the shoe.  Though I did have to let a podiatrist recently cut off a wee bit of a toenail to fit my passion–dance.

So, checking out of the race, and joining another parade, I’ve picked up the public relations campaign for a international dance competition as one of my first freelance clients for my marketing and communications services.

Returning to freelance work promoting this competition combines my love of ballroom and Latin dance and zeal for meeting new people with my constant search for creative problem solving and immense need for self-expression.  I know I’m in for many hours logged in front of the computer–researching, writing, sending emails, putting together proposals, designing marketing material; back-to-back phone calls–convincing, cajoling, appeasing, negotiating, explaining, listening, questioning, answering; and both frustrations and celebrations.  But the silver lining that shimmers through these murky unknowns is the freedom of self determination.  Let’s see how it goes.

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