Looking for a new place to sling hash?

It pays to have a sense of humor as well as an eagle eye when job seeking, or sitting on the other side of the desk and weeding, winnowing the pile of applicants’ letters and resumes. Resumania captures errors made by job seekers on resumes, applications and cover letters. Be sure to visit waytogo

the Resumania Archive while you’re there, and get a good dose of your daily mirth factor, with such resume blooper entries as: “EDUCATION: Watched the first season of The Apprentice and part of the second season.”

Also amusing are reader replies to the question, “What’s the strangest holiday gift you’ve ever received at the office?”:

  • “Sea monkeys.” (A favorite fun gift…as much fun to feed as they are to hatch! They are really brine shrimp by the way, so I’m not sure they’ll really appreciate the SeaMonkey banana treat you can buy for $3. Look for a blog entry devoted to this fascinating topic soon!)
  • “Reindeer pâté, from Finland, in a can.” (Ewww, that makes me want to renew my vegetarian pledge!)
  • “A wild turkey.” (That even tops the live rabbit delivered to my office years ago by an admirer right before Easter…needless to say, I did not start dating him!)

If you or a friend is looking through online job boards, you may want to look into the PhishBucket, where job scams and questionable companies are kept tabs on by my cyberfriend Tab.

Ed Zimmer, from The Entrepreneur Network, shares some interesting ideas for employers in an article on Employee Motivation. Basically, these ideas are…”Be decisive in hiring. Treat employees as adults — not children. Avoid paternalism. Avoid timed bonuses. (All ‘Christmas’ bonuses after the first will become not ‘bonuses’ but ‘expecteds’.) Avoid incentive pay. Cross-train. Avoid long-term employees.”

Whoa! That last one merits a little more explanation. As Ed states, “Conventional wisdom admires companies who have retained employees for many years. That wisdom is wrong! A good employee is a good employee only so long as he is stimulated, challenged — and learning. Trying to retain employees after they’ve stopped learning is bad for the employee and bad for the company. Bad for the employee because they’ve stopped ‘growing’ — stopped improving their unique value in the job market. Bad for the company because it stifles the flow of new ideas, new insights, new views of the changing business environment.”

Interesting stuff. I guess one of the challenges is how to keep people learning and growing on the job? I worked for a company that keep me learning by having a corporate training center, with all kinds of self-study CDs on topics like computer software programs and planning better meetings. The also had interesting on-site training with staff trainers, and even offered on-site higher education after hours (that MBA was a hard road, but opened my eyes and provided invaluable lessons even beyond the curriculum).

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