Still discovering

Someone knows me pretty well and has insight I trust. This is the kind of person that you welcome into your life, despite fundamental political divides.

This friend has developed what I’d consider incredibly grounded insight–derived no doubt from his encounters with grizzly bears, the self-application required to build a log cabin, and a indigenousknow and trust natural patience which enabled him to raise two wonderful and incredibly self-sufficient sons. It’s experience fortified by facing potentially life-dependent decisions, as which ice flows to land a little plane on in Alaska, en route to nailing dang poachers cutting dead wildlife without legal permission.

What did I want to say about him as I lost train of thought?

Oh yes. One thing that’s frustrating to him about me is that I’m still in the state of self-discovery. (see previous post)

My friend, on the other hand, KNOWS who he IS. In response to a an observation of his that I should know who I am by mid-life, I countered with a saucy retort (and perhaps humble acknowledgment of my probably delayed self-discovery process) that the day I stop learning about myself, is the day I’ll no longer be on this side of the turf. (Actually, I personally believe in cremation, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of worms.)

Anyway, this blog clips closely on the heels of another abandoned blog, and tomorrow will undergo the insight of dispassionate editorial review. but Randy, I love you Sweetheart, don’t forget that, ever.

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