Weird stuff for sale #1 (precious, or precocious?)

timmyI guess there a market for almost everything, kitsch-wise at least. I’m always amazed at the “cutesy” stuff that gets manufactured (in China?) and sold to sweet grandmas in suburbia around the United States. I’ve never really understood the appeal of these characters…they look a bit doped up and sad, no where near as sweet as Hummels, but I guess more affordable…which maybe helps to explain the culture of collectors. There is, of course, for the big spender, a $250 dollar item to commemorate a wedding say (now wouldn’t a savings bond be a little more practical?) A little Wikipedia lore says the Precious MomentsTM Porcelain Bisque Figurines started in the late ’70s. There’s now a brand-sponsored Collectors’chapel Club and Fun Club to encourage cameraderie and building one’s precious empire and even a Precious Moments park in Carthage, Missouri. , complete with chapel where it looks like celestial things might happen…maybe no Elvis spottings like you might get a at Graceland or quite as much big hair as there might be at Dollywood, but choirs of angels singing…and of course, don’t forget to swing by the gift shop to pick up your latest collectible(s): “No trip to Precious Moments Park is complete without a visit to the world’s largest Precious Moments store. It is home to the most complete selection of Precious Moments gifts and accessories, ranging from watches, jewelry, pens and puzzles to the world famous figurines and dolls. Each year new product is introduced into the Precious Moments family of products and shoppers find hours of pleasure exploring the many areas of the Park’s gift shop.” Now, I would probably enjoy a peek in there, I have enough curiosity to kill off about eight lives of any cat, and do have a pretty strong craving for sweets, but the saccharine level in there would send me scurrying out pretty darn soon. I guess someone else will take my hours of shopping pleasure. No problem!

byers.jpgDon’t get me wrong, I hoarded Breyer horses in the ’70s. I wish I had saved them! There were so beautiful, and realistic…with even the whites of the eyes being hand-painted. See this band of lovelies, owned and operated by a fellow equiphile who goes by the handle of appaloosa on flickr.  Thanks so much for loaning me your stable here, and also helping me stumble upon some fellow horse lovers and great images. You’ve got a good eye, and a big heart, and if I start, I might just convert my whole blog to horses, because they are so fascinating.

My world of real and virtual friends grows apace with each passing day…as Satchmo said, What a wonderful world!

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