Hojas Nuevas…

HojaHojas nuevas…that’s Spanish for new leaves, like this nice one captured by HerCa, who incidentally lives and photographs all types of unfolding beauty in Spain. The historically named watering hole, well known to many locals as Doc Dammers, that beckoned me last Friday had fallen prey to the passage of time, and demands of a new audience. Hence the new name–Hoja Nueva–reflects Miami and Coral Gables’ now predominantly Latino cultural composition. Geezers

I’m not sure if I found what I was looking for (see last entry) but I did have great fun. I met a German-born artist and Certified Laughter Leader , who besides helping fight cancer and other maladies through mirth, creates literal portals of light and beauty through his incredible art glass designs. Then I encountered a really nice guy, Kenny, who could unflaggingly “name that tune” as a wonderful band–The Geezers–played one after another great rendition of tunes by The Beatles, Steely Dan, The Doors, and more and later Kenny’s girlfriend, a really mellow architect/concert pianist. Then I bumped into a new friend, Russian-born Olga, who had enough energy to put a squad of cheerleaders to shame, and soon Kenny and Olga and I were inventing a 3-person Hustle/Troiska and practicing a good dose of laughter therapy in the process. I’m sure another Russian in my circle, my divine ballroom instructor (who’s been trying to undo any tendencies I may have towards ungainliness and instill in its stead the art of the Viennese Waltz) would have been most appalled, but perhaps he too would have had to stifle a smile.

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