Random? Senseless? No…beauty and kindness, yes.

kindness_HUGSIs any act of kindness random?  I think not.  Small acts of kindness can develop into a lovely habit, ever so gratifying to the giver for the joy they seed.  The elderly are the most gorgeous recipients of small gestures from strangers; there’s nothing like smile lines enhanced by years of practice or newfound crinkles to frame the window to the soul. 

I suppose it’s wealth of experience that gives individuals with a few more rotations around the sun the wisdom to respond to unexpected, unprovoked, “random” acts of kindness or gentleness–helpfulness from a hand or eye or pair of legs unannounced nor introduced previously, that serendipitously arrives to lend a sweet assist. 

I think Beauty and Kindness are synonymous, come to think of it. 

(thanks for the lovely graphic and read about free hugs and more acts of kindness for KP’s (kindness practitioners) at http://search.msn.com/images/results.aspx?q=kindness&FORM=MSNH&mkt=en-US#focal=f5990bd9fb5c26a36c0f39dc54513c85&furl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theage.com.au%2Fffximage%2F2007%2F02%2F18%2Fkindness_1902_wideweb__470x341%2C2.jpg  

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  1. Ann,

    nice one! pity there’s not more likeminded


  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been so busy with work, and a possible new position (very exciting opportunity!) that I’ve neglected my modest little blog.

    I also decided I wanted to switch gears on what I was writing about, so I’ve got some drafts collecting cobwebs. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the refreshing forum of greenies and cool people from Ireland over at your crib. : )


  3. hi
    my name in nilufar
    i accidently saw ur beautiful blog, congragulation.
    i m from iran, i have a blog too, i writte about myth of constelition, zeus…
    have a nice week.

  4. thanks for your comment Nilufar. Your blog is very beautiful too, but I don’t read Persian! Thanks!


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