Serendipity online and once in a blue moon

Now you and I know and even Paul Williams knows you can’t REALLY create more time, Wish for More Time? Poof! Today = 27 More Minutes Per Week but we all do get to choose how we spend our time, and I did make some serendipitous discoveries this week on-line–as I chose to use a welcome few blocks of time between pressing business for ahem, self-improvement (surfing the web).

I found some wonderful blogs written and visited by kindred folks interested in some similar things, writing, blogging, images, networking. I reached out to a college professor who I remembered decades ago as a sort of demigod when I went to school…a cool bachelor philosopher who lectured animatedly about the rights of nonhumans, conservation, Frankenstein, para-linguistics, and every what not, and lived in a lovely bohemian pad in some orange groves, a gorgeous structure made of reclaimed lumber, complete with a hand-thrown ceramic sink in the vanity.

Leap Year dayMaybe today after work, inspired by Paul’s thoughts (apologies for stealing your cute graphic), I’ll squeeze in a little more zest and join a Leap Year Day party that’s going on nearby, and see what fascinating real-time-and-place (vs. virtual) people await. Apologies to my new friend, Sandra Felton, though I am very inspired by your wisdom and plan to take my disorganizational bulls by their every charging horn–there’s tomorrow for the laundry that needs folding, the pool that needs vacuuming, the garage that needs a “talking to”. That other famous gal whose advice I also lap up like a kitten to warm milk–Suze Orman–says people before things. Perhaps it’s in the spirit of Sadie Hawkins or that I was influenced by a funny take on “The Secret” and LOA that I feel compelled to go out. Maybe it’s the prospect of “great live sadie1.gifmusic, drink specials and free appetizers” Besides you only get a Leap Year Day to celebrate once every four years!

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Random? Senseless? No…beauty and kindness, yes.

kindness_HUGSIs any act of kindness random?  I think not.  Small acts of kindness can develop into a lovely habit, ever so gratifying to the giver for the joy they seed.  The elderly are the most gorgeous recipients of small gestures from strangers; there’s nothing like smile lines enhanced by years of practice or newfound crinkles to frame the window to the soul. 

I suppose it’s wealth of experience that gives individuals with a few more rotations around the sun the wisdom to respond to unexpected, unprovoked, “random” acts of kindness or gentleness–helpfulness from a hand or eye or pair of legs unannounced nor introduced previously, that serendipitously arrives to lend a sweet assist. 

I think Beauty and Kindness are synonymous, come to think of it. 

(thanks for the lovely graphic and read about free hugs and more acts of kindness for KP’s (kindness practitioners) at  

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