Social Networking…Facebook facing the future

Six Degrees of SeparationFacebook has officially been named by PRNews as one of the top brands of 2007.  Looks like some professionals are giving it a trial spin for business/networking use…
“The social networking site hit its stride this year, becoming a must-join among business people. It was able to address users’ concerns about privacy swiftly and managed to preserve its loyal following, as well as snag a $240 million investment from Microsoft.”

Update: For a fascinating forum of people weighing in on social networking, see Matt Keegan’s 2/18/08 blog entry and responses,  I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend

My predictions are that during 2008, Facebook will enjoy even greater popularity, rapidly growing in use by an older demographic, as parents and grandparents climb on board in an effort to keep up with family activities, relatives in other states, and kids off at college.

One interesting new user group is boaters, who have a virtual community online at Facebook called “Boatbook,” which might serve as a floating post-office for live-aboard boaters. Another interesting phenomenon on the site is “Six Degrees Of Separation – The Experiment” which during the first week of the New Year boasted over 3.5 million members. It’s a sure sign of people needing to belong and connect in an increasing fragmented but shrinking modern world. One of my friends on the site sweetly puts his hometown simply as “Earth.”

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