Today’s topic is marketing…little bits and pieces, bytes and morsels. I’ll through an a few quasi-philosphical musings for good measure.

I’ve been thinking that marketing success or succeeding at the game of life in general takes a lot of trial and error. Fortunately for most people in the marketing biz, we have a healthy curiousity that should propel us to the top our game, and help us ferret out new ways of navigating the ever-growing sea of solutions and managing the often bewildering technological options that float up to the surface during the process. My personal way of coping is to learn a teeny bit every day, carving out a healthy but not grossly exagerated block of time to try to uncover new tools, and figure out how to apply them.

In this struggle to keep current, it’s often helpful to get a little assist from time to time, by a knowledgeable friend or professional. For example, a virtual friend I’ve encountered has inspired me, along with my local buddy, to get blogging. The two of them together are helping me understand out RSS feeds, for instance. Discoveries in one area often carry over into another.

Here’s an interesting observation. I find that the addictive little habit of doing Soduko puzzles has helped me with both focus and general problem solving. It’s as if being so right-brained by nature (yes, left-handed, too), the discipline of these logic challenges force me to quiet my tangental thoughts and think a little more doggedly to problem solve. And perhaps it’s the surprising joy of learning that I’m improving on my ability to solve progressively difficult Sodukos that has given me a little more goal orientation in other areas.

In the interest of learning, organizing and sharing information, I’ve been compiling a marketing terms glossary for a while and it will be posted before too long on my website that’s under development. It’s chock full of fun terms like churn, B2C, white papers, etc. Today doing a little surfing I found this great link for a similar site…It’s for EmailLabs’ list of commonly-used terms or Email Marketing Glossary & Terms. I also would recommend their Email Marketing Best Practices & Quick Tips page. A word to the wise, anyone doing email campaigns should figure out the optimal frequency for email communiques, because when you start getting to the point where you find some emails are being opened without being read, you’ve got a good indication you need to consider consolidating your messages to reduce frequency.

Here are some interesting trends concerning companies’ use of new media types for marketing, from another site I like [BtoB Magazine (subtitled the Magazine for Marketing Strategists), which you can subscribe to in a digital format free, at the bottom of their home page]:

Top tier, or most important new media types that companies are investing in include “proprietary Web sites, e-mail marketing, online ads, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and webinars. The middle tier includes blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts and video on demand. The bottom tier consists of wikis, mobile, viral video, social networks and Second Life.” Now there are some new terms…viral video…yes, and hhmmnn…need to investigate what that Second Life thing is…wonder where I could get one (sorry, sleep-deprived detour!).

Tune in again soon for the next little foray into marketing murkiness, and hopefully some more clarity and perhaps even some inspiration!

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