Email etiquette, and the Golden Rule still rules

Following up to that fascinating fray I wrote about yesterday, I forced myself today to read something al little more tame, and technical, about email analytics, and the future of email marketing, and it seems the logical fall-out of the problems of spam and bad lists is that marketers will be using more analytics to control who their emails get sent to.  This should help the “noise” and annoyance on the receiving end.  What’s wryly ironic, in light of the outrage from editors and others over oh-so-many unwanted emails, is that an entrepreneurial spin on the whole mess reveals that a company called Email Data Source has just announced that it has OPTED-IN for email marketing messages from every company on the  Fortune 1,000 list, adding to a searchable database of over 4 million e-mail messages.  While it’s not technical spam, that is a whole lotta emails.

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Space Age Road Rage

One of the most memorable movies that rises in my consciousness again and again is the ’93 movie Falling Down, a real coming-of-age commentary on our society and how the stress and frustration of modern life  brings one to his boiling point. with a traffic tie-up as the catalyst for one individual’s explosion.

But, Wow! It seems we have hit a powder-keg on the topics of SPAM and INTERNET PRIVACY concerns big time, as we road-wearily log mile after mile online.  I found the following incident and ensuing discussion fascinating. Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, tired of unasked for, unwanted email, listed on his blog the emails (often with names) of some 300 senders, to shame and “out” them to the public.  It’s a documentary in blog form, a snarling, bickering banter of opinions from opposing sides of a firewall–the PR machinery folks vs. a slew of jaded and overwhelmed editors. I feel for both sides. As the director of communications at the organization I work at, I’m the person tasked with writing press releases, which are by my standards dull ones as I’m not permitted any authentic voice or much angle in the conservative field of accounting.  I send these to only a handful of emails, and try my best to do diligent discovery to send to the best email address I can find.  My email asks the recipient to let me know if there is a more appropriate party to send these to, and for about 20% of my list our organization has an existing relationship with the publishers.

The other thing that happened at work this week is I errantly opened a spammer’s email that had cc’d a colleague of mine at work.  So I expect the floodgate to other exciting offers to buy Viagra or view porn has been opened like Pandora’s box.  I tried to use a free program called bounceback bully for reducing spam to no avail.  I’ll be more careful about what I open in the future, and alert to other ways to through slug bait in their paths.

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