Humming bees and buzzing birds…goosefeathers! and Spamalot

I finally got a little window of time to sit down and try to digest BtoB’s 2007 Interactive Marketing Guide.  It’s hard for me to get jazzed up about reading about Podcasts since I’m still in many ways an old-fashioned girl, clinging to my hard copy ways of a paper agenda and pen-scribbled to-do lists driving me forward day after day.  Still, I plodded along, dutifully trying to mentor myself on new marketing trends fighting their way for dominance on this Web 2.0 that’s all the buzz.

Things I noticed in the 40+ pages of insight and “marcom”-ese: 

  • Formal Engagements: The term of endearment “engagement” now is being flaunted with a capital E, as in “…the true measure of Engagement is found in visitor contribution.”  This was the final capstone to the issue, contributed by Jim Sterne, who should know, being the president of the Web Analytics Association.  Uber-geek, I’m sure, or is that some more sour grapes from my private vineyard?spam
  • List hygiene: It seems we like to borrow from the medical field to describe some marketing terms.  Besides “viral marketing,” if you send emails or buy lists, you need to be concerned about your “list hygiene,” which in typical market hype has conveniently been converted to a verb, as in “reports should directly track to the actions you take to hygiene your list.”
  • Spamhaus: I just liked the pre-lunch images this organization’s name conjured up.  I picture an architectural school project with one of the principal creations being a castle made entirely of the original Spam.  When I looked into it a bit, I found it’s a worthy cause that I’m glad to give a plug to here.  Gratuitously, I’m also inviting people to view the Spam Museum, on Hormel’s web site, as the company cleverly piggy-backed on the now famous name of its product in a combination of camp and kitsch.  The site is replete with Spam recipes (no thanks), information on all varieties of the pate, and of course Spam MP3’s and screensavers for the diehard Spamophile.  
  • Bounce management:  Now all my childhood illusions are being burst. Until I read the particular article dealing with this issue of email marketing, I thought bounce management was the etiquette required for a grown person entering a bounce house in order to avoid setting off a series of tsunamis knocking over all the little ones, or perhaps learning how to manage one’s assets in an aerobics class.
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