waterlogging the blogosphere

The number of blogs is said to double in size every three months.  The word itself is attributed to Peter Merholz, from around 1999, and bloggers sometimes arcanely refer to themselves as “escribitionists.”  There are currently reported to be well over a million blogs. 

You would think that all these blogs would clog the Internet.  But it’s like a vast library, expanding into perhaps limitless space, like a Big Bang, taking off, and shattering, smattering, creating jetsam and flotsam (oh, dear, now there are some mixed metaphors).  And the people who track such things say that Internet users now about half their online time visiting content, which must mean a few people are reading blogs, and well as hammering them out or surfing eBay for their latest fix (can you say $100 satin dancing shoes–guilty!, but they were a steal at $40 or so).

Perhaps the novelty is still too much with me.  There’s something hyperconscious and tautologically nonsensical about blogging about blogging.  My friends tell me sometimes to stop thinking so much, analyzing things.  But making analogies is fun. 

Several years ago, the founder of Dandelife spun cautionary words of wisdom about the self-indulgent nature of blogging.  Ironically, or perhaps because of his the very drive for universality of understanding and the need to share he has grown his personal blog into a mushrooming industry. 

For the rest of us, blogs don’t carry much value. We’re not all dieing [sic] to be heard, for one. For two, we’re not all good writers. Nevertheless, we are all driven to be understood, I believe. And we are all, goodness knows, guilty of being infatuated with our own selves.

Surfing blog entries from different writers can take on hues of self-education about ideas, discovering a melange of writing styles, and sometimes a little voyeurism mixed in.  I’d be curious about really stellar, compelling blogs that others bookmark to visit over time.

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