Privacy issues online…scratching my head

Yesterday as I was driving home from work, I heard an interesting radio spot. It was an ad for a company called Lifelock that promised to provide subscribers up to $1 million in reimbursement in the case of identity fraud. The commercial stated out with the company’s CEO sharing his own Social Security number over the airwaves, in a testimony to the plan.

I’ve been reading a lot about identity concerns recently, especially as they relate to social networking sites like MySpace and facebook. This morning as I was chompin’ down some breakfast, I glanced through the remaining sections of the Sunday paper. “Parade” always offers up interesting fodder. The cover story was about a Miss (fill in the state here, I forget) who was being blackmailed by someone who had picked up photos she’d posted in the past on her MySpace page, which supposedly she’d limited access on to only her 100 or so contacts.

Yes, I’ve been guilty of posting an occasional Red Bull-for -the-ego photo of myself on a semi-public site like Facebook…something a la Mrs. Robinson meets Ginger from Gulligan’s island…clingy long dress with a semi-subtle leopard print. cimg0245.jpgI’ve seen a dear one of mine post a pic of herself glamming it up in kitten heels and a bikini by the pool. She asked me and another friend after posting it if it was appropriate and we both said no, but it rested out there for a while. Now this is a highly intelligent and educated woman who normally closely guards her information and image (rightly so, as she has ambitions for public office), but who is also rightly proud of her still enviable bod). Well, after letting it linger for a while, she then took it down, when she’d had her fling with pin-up-girl-hood.

farrah.jpgI guess most of us girls who can remember will admit we envied Farrah Fawcett’s poster when we were impressionable adolescents. Anyway, my family member found her reason and composure and the photo soon migrated off her albums on the site, being replaced with a lot more gorgeous pictures of her which I’m much happier with.

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