ah, ah Kaizen! Gesundheit!

We can apply the Japanese management technique of Kaizen, or “continuous improvement”, to enhance any aspect of our lives or environment, whether at work or at home.  I am on a mission to simplify my home environment and through a gradual process I call “decumulation” and alternatively “divestiture,” I’m trying to weed out things that don’t add beauty or value, and simultaneously wean myself away from the material cycle of consumerism.  Small changes add up. 

In the interest of efficiency and saving, consider that household water consumption has increased by 200% since 1950.  By 2013, it’s estimated that more than 36 states will encounter water shortages.  Simply fixing a dripping faucet can save up to 74 gallons of water per day.

I will be revisiting the divestiture theme in the future, as I track my progress on this personal challenge, as well as perhaps the theme of another revered and sound Asian concept, feng shui, which fascinates me because of its focus on generating positive energy in one’s environment and mitigating negative energy.  I have never been as acutely aware of how much energy it takes to maintain one’s personal effects as I am currently.  Yes, much of feng shui focuses on the right placement of objects, but the most essential learning for me is truly that less is more, allowing energy to flow freely and our psychic attentions to be placed in the future, instead of an accumulation of things from the past and present.

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