Machiavellian or Pragmatic?

It’s pretty bad when you talk about collecting “chits” to use as a currency in gaining favors, but this article will have something for everyone. Just yesterday there was an office blow up where I work. If the characters in that little skit had recently read this article, they might have tempered their gender-influenced reactions to each other’s hurled verbal gambits and avoided a lot of frustration and raised blood pressure. Judging by the fact that over 40 people commented on this article, I’m not the only one who found gems here. How to Win at Office Politics, by Kelly Pate Dwyer

Sometimes the best solution to office politics is to be off on your own.  When you’ve “had it up to here” with the management or games in your current workplace, and “here” feels about six foot under, it’s reassuring to have an escape hatch.  That’s the concept behind a new buzzword Grindhopping, originally conceived for young hopefuls but relevant for anyone who wants to get off the corporate treadmill.

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