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pygmy headhuntersA recent article on’s website stated that today’s workers have three clear priorities: flexible hours, work that leads to personal growth, and the ability to spend apygmy headhunterspygmy headhunters lot of time fostering personal relationships. While working for oneself may address the first two of these needs, the challenges of working from home include the difficulty of spending quality time interacting with others.  Social networking sites and email can provide a window to a larger world and connection with others.  It’s important to be flexible and open to different working and communication styles.  Some people are phone-friendly, while others prefer a quick email touch point.  Don’t discount investigating sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, but also don’t be discouraged if some of your friends, family or colleagues are not interested in going there.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of text messaging, but if “texted,” I’ll try to get back to the person…perhaps by text, or possibly by phone, which seems so much more expedient.  A personal peeve of mine, when I call someone’s cell and leave them a message, I’m exhasperated beyond proportion by that person calling me back without listening to the message.  I have this image in my mind that I’m being held hostage by pygmie headhunters who say you have one call you can make, but if your cell phone rings, we will behead you and serve you for dinner.  And so I call my friend and leave a message where this roast is to take place, so they can come and rescue me, but the friend doesn’t listen to the message, and just rings me back…of course I don’t answer, I just been beheaded!

If you do sign up for a social networking site, especially if you’re your own boss, it’s important to differentiate time spent on the sometimes distracting and tempting diversion of these links and true networking.  Part of that flexibility for some of us can be learning to accept less than perfection in ourselves, and not feeling guilty for some downtime.  So enjoy your contacts, but don’t lose sight of your goals and daily objectives!


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