Marketing trends…boiling it down to the jam

jamHere’s a bit of marketing jargon, “sales silos.”  This basically means different sales tactics or advertising efforts that are not integrated.  Companies are under pressure to coordinate their advertising, marketing, and sales efforts across different media types.  There is a difference between how companies are using print media, like ads in publications, their brochures, and other “hard copy” and how they present themselves online.  Print is used to strengthen brand identity, and online presence is used for a sense of immediately, with breaking news, and for lead generation.  Online points of contact can also be used to customize the customer experience. 

Another application of the term “silos” comes into play when companies look at their advertising budgets.  A huge part of online spending these days goes to search marketing.  Companies are now looking at ad agencies to incorporate search engine optimization services, including both paid and organic search functions.  As noted in a recent article on BtoB, search marketing is drawing marketing money away from other vehicles like magazine print ads, direct mail, TV spots, and newspaper print ads.

 It’s easy as a marketer to get overwhelmed with information overload.  I read a lot, and try to distill some of what I read about the marketing world here…taking the heft of ripe fruit and boiling it down to my blog of “jam.” 

And to help digest all that technical stuff, sometimes it’s nice to have a little fun, and surf some fascinating sites.  Here are a few of my favorites employing Flash, that I discovered through Rob Ford’s recommendations on the Adobe Edge newsletter site: (make sure your pop-up blocker is not active):

Serene, poetic and highly original:

Powerful, disturbing, and beautiful

Fun detail, wonderful palette, and entertaining:

Fascinating, interactive, and whimsical, with portions reminscent of Harold and The Purple Crayon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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