The blogging blah’s

I read my news this morning and found the following cyber-pollution report…apparently Technorati (a blog tracking site) reports that the blogoshpere has doubled every six months for the last 3 years, which means a whopping 175,000 new blogs are spawned each day.  That’s one big chunk of information overload to digest.  Will this phenomenon subside, or continue to ground-swell?  It seems it would be much like the scrapbooking craze that began around a decade ago.  It could and has created new cottage industries.  I know I’m responsible for (I blush to admit) two orphan blogs, that I created like a well-meaning Frankenstein and then, alas, I abandoned my babies somewhere in the void.  I hope that this blog is well fend, tended, and loved, and grows to be a strapping, healthy individual that I can be proud of.  And I hope, as all parents anxiously do for their offspring, that my progeny finds good, true friends in this wide world…friends who influence its growth and development and encourage it to take on new challenges. 

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