Groggy-eyed irony

The funny thing is, what occurs to me is to write about balance.  Groggy-eyed is me, at the moment, because I didn’t sleep well last night.  And I should turn in, get that rejuvenating fix of a deep sleep.  I will, soon. 

I recently read that one shouldn’t be on the computer within the last hour of waking.  It seems the bright light of a computer monitor interferes with the mind’s idea of diurnal brightness and dimness, and the brightness of the screen messes with the readiness of the mind to turn off for the day.  Word to the wise.  Maybe I’ll heed it next time!

I’m thinking a lot these days about streamlining.  A decade in the same place can lead to a lot of  accumulation.  The Anti-feng shui…having a sense of recycling that is so extreme as to cause paralysis against throwing things away.  An article clipped here, for a friend, and guitar pick saved for another.  I did a double take.  The very friend I’d saved the article for, a recent Miami Herald writing on tutoring, was meant for a nice fellow whom I admire for his Zen focus on not nesting and filling his life with dross.  I pitched it. 

Naomi Judd writes in her “Guide to Aging Gratefully” about simplicity, streamlining possessions, and disengaging from “energy vampires.”  That’s one way to look at it.  I did a double-take about the title…usually you hear about aging gracefully.  Well, grace and gratefulness go hand in hand.  I do think about how much each little item we glom onto saps that much from us, whether we have to find a place for it, dust around it, have it cloud our landscape of our home. 

 More on purposeful living soon…for now I seek the balance of sleep. 

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