Marketing bits and bytes

Blogging is not necessarily for the faint of heart.  I had a nice little scrap of writing, sprinkled with some good links for marketing information, and once again my process of trying to post lead to my efforts joining the blathersphere (or netherword of blog entries that disappeared). 


So, I need to develop a really keen understanding of how the simple mechanics of posting work. Either that or develop a really stodgy and unappealing habit of writing in a word processing program and then pasting the copy into my blog. How unspontaneous!  Any thoughts on that, fellow bloggers? On WordPress, I need to revive that good habit of saving often (living in the world’s lightening capital, Florida, and dealing with powersurges helps you learn that!).  And I learned the hard way that for old-fashioned desktop publishing in PageMaker you really need to do all your copy in a word-processing software and only paste the final, spell-checked copy into PageMaker for final tweaks.

One of the topics of this entry was the need to take small chunks out the huge smorgasbord of technological information and trends available to us in this cyber age.  Like learning a new language, a few words or phrases every day start building up and more fluent facility.  So I try, by trial and error, and also by with the a little help from my friends as the Beatles tune goes, to learn about how to work my computer to free it up from unnecessary programs, what the heck an RSS feed is, and what it might mean to me, etc. 

One of my recent diversions is the compilation of a marketing glossary.  I promise to put it on the website I have under development.  It’s chock full of tasty marketing terms like B2C, white paper, churn, etc. Here’s a handy glossary on terms particular to email marketing practices that I uncovered today from a site called Email Labs

I love learning new terms in almost any field, because 1) I’ve always been interested in language, and 2) there are fascinating concepts and new developments lurking behind lots of this jargon.   So I’ll learn a couple new words in Spanish during an eye-saving break from the computer, have a collegue show me ’round a program for a couple shortcuts, or Google something I’m unfamiliar about.  I’ve recently been attending some nice seminars hosted by the local SBDC (small business development center) to glean ideas and to meet new folk. Another site I like for marketing insights is BtoB, which offers a free online subscription though a sign-up link at the bottom of every page.  A recent article about new media sources that companies are investing their marketing dollars in says that big money is going into “proprietary Web sites, e-mail marketing, online ads, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and webinars. The middle tier includes blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts and video on demand. The bottom tier consists of wikis, mobile, viral video, social networks and Second Life.” 

Hmmmnnn, now there are some new terms…viral video, and Second Life.  I’d be curious how I get the latter, from the traces of last night’s insomnia catching up with me today, I could use one!

Tune in later for more on making marketing less murky, and more…


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