1,328,221 bloggers can’t all be wrong!

If every day we learn a little and improve ourselves a wee bit, we just might make ourselves and by extension, our world, a nicer, better place.  My learning just now takes the form of patience, and a little technical understanding.

Let me explain.  Proudly the parent of a my first little entry in the blogosphere (at least on this site, as I’d had a toe-dipping the deepening pool of blogging previously), I discovered in my zeal I’d posted multiple versions of my entry.  So I clicked delete, delete, merrily along, deleting up to and including the last “edit” of my first entry.  But when I deleted that “edit,” the entry right before my initial entry, apparently that little baby blog went out with the proverbial bathwater, and my inital blogging brilliance was gone!

So, that erased that!  And it was so juicy too, all about online confessionals and deep, too, yes…oh my, about spirituality a bit too.  And name dropping, yes that too. But rather than be the ultimate in lazy, and not re-create any substance here, let me just thank my good friend Ioannis, who has this kindly faith in my writing prowess (where did you stumble on this belief?) and some handy technical savvy combined with au courrant exposure to this, that, and the other on the web, and who led me here.  Thanks, Ioannis.  

 But for now the little fairies of sleep come dusting me with inducement to trade my insomnia for the blissful unconsciousness of dreams.  So I will pick up soon, I promise to myself, and remember to edit judiciously in the future, and to leave my blog pretty clean, so perhaps it can multi-task.


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